Amazing Coffee Mix with Tongkat Ali

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Amazing Coffee Mix with Tongkat Ali

Amazing Coffee Mix with Tongkat Ali

Benefits for Women:

  • Helps fight unwanted weight gain
  • Boosts energy
  • Natural Libido Support
  • Promotes skeletal health
  • Mood Support
  • Improves blood sugar levels

Benefits for Men:

  • Increases Testosterone levels
  • Improves sperm quality
  • Helps prevent erectile dysfunction
  • Treats impotence
  • Replenish blood
  • Help maintain strong kidney function
  • Helps release toxins for healthy urination
Main Ingredients:
  • Organic Coffee Bean
  • Stevia extract
  • Amazing Pure Organic Powder Extract
  • Tongkat Ali
Tongkat ali is often claimed to boost athletic performance and increase muscle mass. This is because it contains compounds called quassinoids, including eurycomaoside, eurycolactone, and eurycomanone, which may help your body use energy more efficiently, reduce fatigue, and improve endurance.
A daily Tongkat Ali supplement increases your testosterone production and reduces the conversion of testosterone to estrogen (aromatization). STRESS REDUCER: Tongkat Ali also reduces your cortisol levels, which lowers your stress and hormone levels that come with lower testosterone.

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