6 Boxes of Amazing Pure organic Barley (2 months supply + FREEBIE)

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6 Boxes of Amazing Pure organic Barley (2 months supply + FREEBIE)
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Ang Amazing Pure Barley from Australia ay nakakatulong sa mga may Cancer, Goiter, Myoma, Asthma, 
 Arthritis, Diabetes, Bronchial Problem, 
 Prostate Problem, High Cholesterol, Alzheimer's, Thyroid Problem, Liver  Problem, Kidney Problem, Colon Problem, Heart Problem, Ovarian  Problems, Poor Memory, Stroke, Constipation, Urinary Track Infection  (UTI), Weak Body, Anemia, Back Pain, Cyst, Lupus, Dengue, Hepatitis, 
 Vertigo, Kidney Problem, Gallstones, Pneumonia, 
 Allergy, Hypertension, Psoriasis, and other Degenerative Diseases.

  • 100% Organically grown in Australia
  • Gluten, Dairy, Additive and GMO Free
    Main Benefits of Barley
    • Acts as a Powerful Antioxidant
    • Boosts the Immune System
    • Combats Cancer
    • Detoxifies the Body
    • Protects from Radiation
    • Treats Ulcerative Colitis
    • Helps Fight Addictions
    • Aids in Weight Loss
    • Prevents Asthma
    • Manages Diabetes
    • Promotes Bone Health
    • Improves Skin Health
    • Repairs DNA
    • and many more...
    How do you take Barley Juice:
    • Drink 1-2 sachet of Amazing Barley Powdered Drink on an empty stomach 30 minutes to 1 hour before meal.
    • Mix it with 160ml to 180ml of water.
    • Take either cold or room temperature liquid, as hot liquid will break down the live enzymes.
    • Stir for 30 seconds until all contents are dissolved.
    Piolo Pascual for Amazing Barley
    Maritoni Fernandez for Amazing Barley
    Amazing Barley
    Certified with FDA, Halal, Superbrands and Australian Certified Organic
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